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Teaneck NJ Health Benefit Waiver Documents


Health Benefits section from Ordinance 3158 Adoption of Charter/Administrative Code - Adopted on July 27, 1988. It Includes:

The township attorney has said that the underlined section does not count because, he sees that section as being in bold type. I can't see it. He also says "not entitle" doesn't mean they can't get waivers it just means they don't get them by default. Marty Cramer, who was the township attorney when this was adopted disagrees and believes it bars waivers and could not be overturned by a resolution;

Resolution 148-08 - Health Benefits Waivers - May 6, 2008 - established the waiver program in Teaneck. If the ordinance is to be accepted as accurate, the resolution is not legal.

Resolution 378-08 - Health Benefits Waivers - September 13, 2008 - an update to the first resolution with minor changes and an additional 5th paragraph to "clarify" the original resolution. It also changes from an annual stipend payment to monthly stipend payments.

NJ State Waiver/Reinstatement Application - used by Teaneck starting in 2008 - asks neither the source or verification of alternate coverage.

Inter-Office Communication 10-17-2008 - establishing first payment as of October 30, 2008 in violation of the resolutions terms.

Local Finance Notice 2010-12 The Impact of Chapter 2, P.L. 2010 on Local Unit Health Benefits Programs May 18, 2010 - Describes changes to Health Benefits Program including the changes to waiver amounts that went into effect on May 21, 2010.

Health Waiver Payments

Waivers 4th Quarter 2008 through 2011 - Totals only - the total for each quarter can be seen under "TOTALS" at the bottom under "EARNINGS ANALYSIS" as code "W".

Monthly New Jersey Waiver Reports

These reports list employees waiving health insurance with information about other state coverage.They are sent by the state each month to ensure Teaneck would know which employee's were covered elsewhere under NJ's SHBP or SEHPB plans and hence legally were not entitled to stipends.

For 2014, comparison of Waivers Paid to Waiver Report shows 16 ineligible employees received stipends totalling $129,074.50. Six of these employees received in excess of $12,500. For 2015, 13 ineligible employees received stipends totalling $127,978.28. Six of these employees received in excess of $13,800


Projected 2016 Waiver Calculations - based on council discussions, 18 or those listed are not eligible including 13 of those who were getting 50% of the premium as a waiver.

Note: Contrary to council discussions, the 2015 reports shows that only 12 ineligible employees were receiving waivers at the end of 2015. An additional 6 who were not elligible are listed as not receiving stipends. Additionally, council was told during budget discussions that two or three who were no longer elligible were opting in to health insurance. According to the July, 2016 state report none of the 12 who were ineligible but recieving waivers at the end of 2015 opted into the health benefits.

Medical Insurance Waiver Survey - blank

Medical Insurance Waiver Survey Results - January 14, 2016 - does not include results of all questions asked

Individual Responses to Survey - names are redacted. It shows 17 employees responding that their alternate coverage is part of the NJ health plan making them ineligible.

Proposed Waiver Ordinance 2-23-2016 - effective May 6, 2008? - tabled on March 8, 2016

Adopted Waiver Ordinance 4-5-2016 - This version still includes the "Effective May, 6, 2008" despite the actual passed ordinance having had it removed before passage.

Results of OPRA Request for Individual Waiver Payments for 2008 to 2013 & January of 2016 - within weeks after providing the Projected 2016 Waiver Calculations listed above the attorney has changed his mind about the information being available to the public.

Filed Order for Release of Unredacted Docs w_Opinion 5-17-16 - The North Jersey Media Group took Teaneck to court to get unredacted waiver and insurance information. The Superior Court ruled against Teaneck requiring Teaneck to release the requested unredacted information. Another costly excercise as Teaneck is also required to pay for the plaintiff's costs as well as it's own..

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