Teaneck Pay-to-Play 2006 and Beyond

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Township of Teaneck, N.J. Resolution C - passed October 3 2006 (Birdsall)

Birdsall Indictment 03/26/2013

Teaneck Progress: Pay-to-Play in Teaneck?
   Tom Abbott - 07/17/2007
    (The original article along with the rest of the Teaneck Progress Blog site has been hidden from public view)

Birdsall in the News:

State investigators probing Birdsall
    PolitickerNJ 05-02-2012
Birdsall had been suspended from state business as a result of donations

    Darryl R. Isherwood PolitickerNJ - 05-03-2012
NJ Engineering executive indicted over campaign gifts
    NJ 101.5 (AP) - 12-11-2012
Angarone pleads guilty
    Darryl R. Isherwood/PolitickerNJ - 11-30-2012
Former Birdsall employee indicted

    Darryl R. Isherwood/PolitickerNJ - 12-11-2012
Seven leaders of N.J. engineering firm accused of illegal campaign contributions
   Christopher Baxter/The Star-Ledger - 03-26-2012
Seven from Birdsall Services Group engineering firm indicted in plot to hide political gifts
   Abbott Korloff/The Record - 03-26-2012
Judge freezes assets of Birdsall Services Group, accused of violating N.J.'s pay-to-play law
   Abbott Korloff/The Record - 03-27-2012
Engineering firm Birdsall accused of violating pay-to-play law files for bankruptcy protection (Englewood officials sever ties ...)
   Abbott Korloff/The Record - 03-28-2012
Secret recording led to criminal case against N.J. engineering firm Birdsall Services Group
   Christopher Baxter/The Star-Ledger - 03-26-2012
Indicted N.J. engineering firm Birdsall Services Group pleads guilty in pay-to-play conspiracy
   Christopher Baxter/The Star-Ledger - 03-26-2012
Monmouth County woman pleads guilty in campaign finance scheme
   Melissa Hayes - 02-13-2013
NJ engineering firm Birdsall pleads guilty in illegal donations scheme, agrees to pay $1M
   Jim Norman/The Record 6-13-2013
Birdsall Services Group sells off assets after guilty plea in pay-to-play scheme
   Abbott Korloff/The Record - 06-21-2013
Secret files reveal how pay-to-play works in N.J.
   Christopher Baxter/The Star-Ledger - 06-23-2013
Secret list of Birdsall donations to N.J. politicians
   Christopher Baxter/The Star-Ledger - 06- 24-2013
North Jersey politicians won't return Birdsall's pay-to-play donations
   John C. Ensslin & Kathleen Lynn//The Record - 06-24-2013
Birdsall cash-for-contracts scheme proves pay-to-play lives on: Editorial
   Star-Ledger Editorial Board - 06-25-2013
The Record: Legacy of Birdsall
   The Record - 06-25-2013
Bankrupt engineering firm Birdsall Services Group to sue 23 former officials for $35M
   Christopher Baxter/The Star-Ledger - 08-09-2013

"I voluntarily took Birdsall around to show them the lack of growth and development in Teaneck during the era of Jackie Kates as council member, mayor and a member of the planning board." Councilman Elnatan Rudolph, October 2006

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