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Teaneck Ethics Board

According to NJ code, one of the primary function of a Municipal Ethics Board is:

To enforce the provisions of the municipal code of ethics and financial disclosure requirements with regard to local government officers or employees serving the municipality and to impose penalties for the violation thereof ...

Teaneck's Ethics Board has chosen to ignore it's responsibility which is reflected in the 2015 - Local Government Officer - Roster for Teaneck thats shows that 20 of the 75 required to file Financial Disclosure Statements failed to do so. It includes the chairs and the majority of the appointed members of the two most powerful statutory boards in Teaneck, the Planning Board and the Board of Adjustment.


40A 9 19-22 NJ Municipal Ethics Board - code change for establishment, organization and powers of Municpal Ethics Board. It includes:

Each municipality of the State may, by ordinance, establish a municipal ethics board consisting of six members who are residents of the municipality, at least two of whom shall be public members. The members of the ethics board shall be appointed by the governing body of the municipality. ... The members of the municipal ethics board shall annually elect a chairman from among the membership.

Teaneck Ordinance 3312 - Ethics Board -10/22/91 - reconfigured Teaneck code to comply with new state code. The same is reflected in the following ...

Chapter 2. Charter/Administrative Code - Article XXIX. Municipal Ethics Board - the ordinance and code are mostly consistent with the state code with one significant difference. Whereas the state code quaranteed that at least two members of the board would be members of the public, Teaneck's code says, "and at least two of whom shall be local public officers or local public employees."

Teaneck Code of Ethics 08-15-2009 


208-2013 Resolution E. Authorize Appointments to Boards - 09-10-2013. Appoints members to various Boards including the Ethics Board - page 2. It reads:

NOW THEREFORE IT BE RESOLVED by the Township Council of the Township of Teaneck that the following residents are hereby appointed to the Ethics Board:
Leonard Fuld, Chair
Louise Williams, Vice Chair
Heidi Fuchs
Angela Barker

This appointment does not reflect the code in several particulars. Members of the Ethics Board are meant to be appointed to staggered 5 year terms. Also, the Teaneck code specifically states, "The members of the Ethics Board shall annually elect a Chairperson from among the membership and may, in their discretion, annually elect a Vice Chair and such other officers from their membership as are deemed to serve their purposes." There is no authority for the council to appoint officers.


Minutes of Ethics Board 05-20-2014 The board did not elect any officers. Listed as a member is Teaneck Employee Rep (Police Chief?). This reflects the absence of former Chief Robert Wilson who had been a member but had resigned from Teaneck's police force. Neither he nor Ken Katter also listed as a member were residents of Teaneck and therefore not qualified. Also, neither were ever "appointed by the governing body of the municipality."


Appointment Letters to Ethics Board - May 11, 2015 - Manager William Broughton appoints to members of his staff to the Ethics Board for which he has no authority as they can only be "appointed by the governing body of the municipality." One of those members, Ken Katter, is still not qualified as he is not a Teaneck resident.

Minutes of Ethics Board 05-27-2015 - No action of any kind taken including the election of officers. It does accurately note that one member resigned. The two non-members appointed by the manager attended.

Page from Current Advisory Board Book - Ethics Board - includes a statement, "Twp. Code. Art. XXIX Sec 2-146 (a) (2) (b) (c). Twp Manager recommends/appoints two (2) Township employees." that does not accurately reflect the code it cites.

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